We will create up to 15 customized mails including a domain for only K350. It will come with absolutely NO monthly subscriptions. In addition, you will have access to cloud storage. Moreover, unlimited number of customized email addresses can also be created.

But why does your organization or business need customized Email addresses?
Firstly, it makes your Organization look Professional-When you have a customized email address, potential clients will see that your organization is credible and is well established in the industry. Clients tend to look at the credibility of your business before working with you.

Secondly, it offers security for you and your clients – Customized emails are hosted by reputable organizations that ensure confidential information is encrypted and safe. This will ensure that information shared via email is secure and won’t be distributed through unscrupulous means.

Most importantly, you can customize multiple email addresses for your Small Business or employees. You can give any name to your custom Email Address. For example, you can have info@ mybusiness.com , [email protected] or yourname@ yourbusiness.com The list is endless.
We can help you do that right Now!
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