Building Your Online Presence in Zambia

You’ve got lots of options for building your online presence in Zambia. This includes things like local listings, websites, mobile apps and social media. These days, it’s easy for anyone to make a home online. But while a website might be the first thing that comes to mind, you don’t necessarily need to start there. Let’s say you have got a Saloon or Barber Shop.
First, You might list your shop in local online directories like Google My Business-(Google Business Page). Then, when someone searches Google for Hair Saloons or Barber Shops in your area, you’ll appear in the results — no website required.
Secondly, you can create a Facebook page to give potential customers a glimpse into your business and what you can do. You can post things like photos or videos of some happy customers with great.
There’s a lot you can do without a website, but at some point, you might want to build a home of your own on the web, a one-stop-shop where your customers can find everything they need to know about you online.
Whatever you choose, this is the place where people find you, get to know you, and hopefully become your customers.

Jobetech Consultants are more the ready in your quest of building your online Presence in Zambia.

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